Procom was formed by call center executives and managers who have decades of experience running virtually every call center vertical. Our mission is to provide lower cost call center services as an onshore alternative to off/near shoring. As one of the leading teleservices companies in the United States, Procom helps you strategically navigate the customer life cycle to deliver world class customer acquisition, growth and retention.

Dialing and Communication Technology

Technology is a central ingredient in telemarketing potential, but the pace of change has challenged many in the industry. Procom’s approach is totally opportunistic; we’re able to adapt leading edge concepts as they become available, delivering a performance advantage for our clients. Cutting edge technologies, including predictive dialing, inbound advanced call routing backed by digital recording capability give our clients the competitive edge in virtually any marketplace.


Our highly educated, compensated and motivated teleservice representatives provide better communication and interaction with your customers and prospects. We understand that the real key to servicing our customers is the talent of the staff we dedicate to handling their projects. Procom has had great success in attracting talented employees. Our clients consistently achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction with a lower cost of acquisition.

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